As the former wrestler of TNA can Austin Aries still proves he is the next generation superstar in NXT

As the former wrestler of TNA can Austin Aries still proves he is the next generation superstar in NXT

Description: are you interested in knowing about as the former wrestler of TNA can Austin Aries still proves he is the next generation superstar in NXT? Here you will learn all the relevant answers and information to your queries about him.


Austin Aries was born on April 16th, 1978 and made his wrestling debut in 2000. He is a professional wrestler (American) and presently signed with the WWE to perform in developmental territory NXT program. He is a that type of wrestler who is trying to build his career on individual level by changing brand after brand but still can’t find the right platform to perform. He is talented and passionate about wrestling. Even since he made his NXT debut everyone was crazy to see him because it was very long announced that he will appear on the show which he indeed and get very warm reception. His way of wrestling has been proven so much beneficial for him as he competed only in few matches and makes a great name for himself. Who would have thought a wrestler from other organization would go on to become a top superstar in other wrestling faction. This is called the luck which he has at the moment and going very well.

  • What he has accomplished in his career so far?

1) He is two times TNA world heavyweight champion

2) One time TNA X division champion

3) One time TNA tag team champion with (Bobby Rhodes)

4) Three times (ROH) world champion

5) Triple Crown winner of (TNA)

  • From where he started his early career?

Aries started his early career in the ROH brand and made a great name for him. He has been in so many matches that helped him build his career and try to win every championship at that time which indeed he did and was the fastest rising star in the history of wrestling industry. Going toe to toe with Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and many more and showed that he has something unique in him to make it to the big leagues.

  • How was his TNA journey?

You might say that TNA was the platform where he certainly made a name both individually and as member of certain groups. When he was first part of it his was never taken seriously but when he made his come back on 2011 he then totally changed his ways of wrestling and started feuding with big wrestlers and winning championships then everyone realize how much this young guy is capable of and never looked back. It was like he gets the right push in his career.

  • Will NXT provide him the right platform to shine once again?

Since his arrival on NXT program there was so many doubts about him is that he will never make it as former wrestler of other brands or organizations. But when he perform in matches it was like he was mean’s for this one. Destined to be part of this global wrestling community, He is in the right direction of his career and NXT as everyone knows will provide him everything to become a top superstar of the next generation in the company.

  • Can he really become the part of the main roster in future?

Only time will tell how much he perform from his heart or entertain the audience, of he gathers to impress everyone in the roster then he can hope to get the ticket for main roster in near future. But in meantime NXT is his home and he needed to prove to the world once more.

  • Why fans liked him so much?

Whether, he plays good guy or bad guy the fans has never ever stop loving him because the way he entertains is very much appreciated. From kids to every women he is very popular amongst the youth, there is no denying that his fan following is increasing day by day. There is only a few time he has become part of the NXT and it seems everyone is familiar with him and knows how to get live audience into his side.

  • What about his present state in the company?

At this moment he is wrestling in so many matches both independently, and tag teams. At NXT take over the end he will face the Japan wrestler SHINSUKE NAKAMURA in a single completion. It looks like this rivalry has been heated up from the very beginning these two collide and you can expect a great match because both individual has their own different wrestling styles and moves to perform, don’t miss this spectacular match keep your hopes high for this one and you will witness the true next generation of NXT superstars.